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How to choose the RIGHT Massage Therapist?

Considering massage therapy for your chronic pain? Here are 3 tips on choosing the right massage therapy clinic to relieve your symptoms.

A good massage from your nearby Massage Therapy clinic can help you relax, release tension and improve your overall mood. But did you know that getting massage therapy from a trained and experienced massage therapist who approaches your health problems

based on their medical and scientific expertise can help you relieve chronic pain and heal from ailments.

For example, if you're seeing a massage therapist to treat your chronic pain or another medical condition, your favorite spa may not be appropriate for your needs.

If you've ever booked an appointment for a massage, chances are you may not have known that massage therapy could help you relieve chronic pain, heal from sports injuries, improve health and immunity, and so much more. The perfect massage should be a combination of a relaxing spa-like environment with clinical massage skills so that you can get the most out of your time and money while getting the best physical and mental health benefits from your massage therapy.

Hence, it would be best to keep the following things in mind when you are looking to book your next massage appointment or searching for a good massage therapist.

1. Discuss your health goals with your therapist

You will always get the most out of your massage therapy sessions when you are clear on your health needs and problems beforehand. A good massage clinic or massage therapist will take time before the appointment to consult with you to chalk out your issues and the best way to go about your healing journey. After the discussion, they will provide you with a personalized wellness plan and suggest the best type of tailored massage that will benefit you. Every person and their journey to wellness is unique; a good massage therapist recognizes that.

At Proactive Massage and Bodywork, we always provide clients with an in-depth consultation and back up our massage therapy plan with proven scientific studies so that you are always assured that your pain relief and health journey are in the best hands. Many massage clinics may recommend a generic massage plan to every person, which doesn't get you the result you may seek. We believe that your massage therapy plan should be personalized to your unique health needs.

Book your consultation session with us today and get $20 off your first massage here.

2. Check for reviews and ratings

It is always best to check for customer reviews and ratings for the massage clinic you may want to visit for your therapy. Check for client reviews that match your story and experience. These reviews will give you an idea about the therapist's performance, customer care, efficiency, and how well they can help your specific health goals. If a massage center has many raving reviews across different client cases, this is also a great sign of how amazingly well they can work with specific client needs.

Check out our raving reviews here and here. Proactive has helped thousands of clients with a multitude of health goals like chronic pain relief, sports rehabilitation, stress and pain relief, anxiety and mental health, back pain, injuries, and more.

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3. Check for Credibility, Licensing, and Certifications

When you seek the best massage therapy for your health needs, it is always a good idea to look for certifications and licenses for your massage therapists. You can either call them or check on their official website for their qualifications. You are entrusting your health journey to your massage therapist; make sure they are qualified and trained to help you achieve your health goals.

Most states in the USA regulate massage therapy, and licensed therapists will list LMT, meaning a Licensed Massage Therapist next to their name, as their title.

You can meet our team of highly qualified and trained massage therapists here.

Once you check these three significant points off your list, you can be highly confident that you are choosing the right massage center and massage therapist for your needs.

Ultimately, your massage therapy should leave you feeling relaxed, restored, and


At Proactive, it is our pleasure and duty to ensure that you have the most comfortable massage experience in a spa-like ambiance to help you relax, coupled with clinical skills to benefit your health. We can't wait to impress you!

Please book your appointment with us today here.


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