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Are you expecting? Here’s how prenatal massage therapy can help you!

The amazing health benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy

Hey, soon-to-be moms! We know you love every minute of being pregnant, but as you await your baby's arrival, sometimes the journey to motherhood can come with its own set of physical and emotional, highs and lows.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You are tired all the time but can't sleep.

You always feel the need to pee.

You are hungry but constantly dealing with heartburns and digestive issues.

You experience aches and swollen joints throughout your body.

These are some of the most common issues our soon-to-be mamas talk about. We are all too familiar with these problems; as your body is undergoing a significant anatomical and emotional change, we know how important it is for mamas to feel relaxed and happy on their pregnancy journey. And that is why we at Proactive Massage and Bodywork designed a relaxing therapeutic massage treatment, Proactive Mama Massage for all our expectant moms out there. After all, the secret to a happy and healthy baby is a happy mother.

Carrying a baby inside you is no easy task, and we want to help you feel relaxed and joyful in this beautiful phase of your life. It is essential for you to invest in your prenatal health and self-care to help you feel peaceful and make your pregnancy journey easy. Our exclusive therapeutic prenatal Mama massage can help you relax, relieve pain, and feel much better.

You may be wondering whether a pregnant woman can get massages? And the answer is absolutely YES!

Prenatal massages are considered safe when supervised by a trained and licensed massage therapist. Prenatal massages are different from your regular massages as they are adapted to your changing body. Proactive Mama Massage is highly personalized to fit your particular requirements and ailments.

At Proactive Massage & Bodywork, our licensed massage therapists will first consult with you about your health and the issues that you may be facing. Then we will be devising a comfortable massage therapy session for you according to your needs and tailored to your pregnancy. We take care of your body positioning and use massage techniques to ensure maximum comfort and safety for you and your baby. The expectant mama receives the massage session in a side-lying position with pillows and bolsters, providing maximum comfort and support. We use specially designed massage techniques to help our mamas feel relaxed and experience all the fantastic health benefits of prenatal massage work.

Research shows prenatal massage therapy can help relax muscle tension, improve circulation, relieve pain and improve mental health. Some studies even support that massages could help with better labor outcomes and ultimately the baby's health. In a scientific study, women who received massage as a regular part of their prenatal care experienced shorter labor with less need for medication. The results also showed reduced anxiety, better hormonal health, and improved cardiovascular health.

Here are some more amazing health benefits of getting a prenatal massage,

• An increase in blood flow to tissues after a massage can be highly beneficial for pregnancy pain relief. Prenatal massage therapy also reduces swelling and inflammation, a great alternative safe option if you want to be drug-free.

• Prenatal massage can help you prepare for your baby's birth. It can help you have an easier delivery with reduced labor pains due to the relaxed state of your muscles and reduced stress hormone levels.

• Having regular prenatal massages may also lower the risk of preterm birth and improve the baby's health. Mamas can sometimes experience stress and anxiety, which may have a negative impact on their babies. Prenatal therapeutic massage sessions can help you feel at ease and thus lower the risks associated with pregnancy depression.

• Prenatal massage therapy has also been linked with improved sleep quality for the pregnant mama as massages can help you relax, reduce anxiety and balance your hormones.

The health benefits of getting a prenatal massage are many! It is crucial to undertake this massage session with a specialist to ensure the safety of the mama and the baby.

Let us help you experience all the mental, physical, and emotional health benefits of prenatal massage with utmost safety, comfort, years of certified expertise, and a spa-like ambiance.

We hope to see you soon! Book your consultation today here!

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