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A burst of berries blended with a hint of vanilla to give you an unforgettable aromatic sensation


Review by Leanne Rowe

“This stuff has seriously changed my life. If you have bad habits such as biting your nails, smoking, pulling/twirling your hair, KNEAD this!!! (See what I did there ;) ) Like all of you know by now, I've had severe acne for many years. This has caused me to develop a really horrible and embarrassing habit of excessively picking at the skin on my face. Especially if I'm tired, stressed, or bored, or sitting at my desk doing work. I often do it without even realizing it. I have tried so many things to try and break this habit and I can honestly say that @pinchmedough is the only thing that has really helped. Oh, and the best thing? They are non toxic.”

Pinch Me Therapy Dough Bumbleberry

PriceFrom $11.99

The new Pinch Me Clip On Locket is more than just a fashion statement. It's a secret weapon in your war on stress. The portable little locket is packed with your favorite Pinch Me Dough scent and is ready to go at a moment's notice.

As soon as you start feeling unsettled, just unlatch it and get to squeezing. Stress won't even see it coming. It's almost unfair. 

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