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Compact Massage Gun


Four Massage Heads: A targeted choice can better relieve muscle soreness in depth.

Powerful Performance: Despite its size, it doesn’t compromise on power, offering robust muscle treatment.

Easy to Use Anywhere: Its cordless design and compact size make it ideal for home, gym, or travel.


Why We Love The Compact Muscle Massage Gun:


Compact and Portable: With dimensions of 5.1in x 5.2in x 2in and a weight of just 1.3 lb, it's easy to handle, especially for those with weakness from injury or arthritis.


Deep Percussion Therapy: Offers deep tissue relief by working intensely on the muscle layers, aiding in the relief of neck, shoulder, back, and leg pain.


Versatile Speed and Power: Equipped with a motor that delivers 1800-3200 revolutions and 6 speed modes, it suits various muscle recovery needs.


Multiple Massage Heads: Comes with 4 different massage heads, enabling targeted treatment for different muscle groups.


Long-Lasting Battery: With a substantial battery capacity of 1800mAh*2, it ensures prolonged use without frequent recharging.

Compact Massage Gun


Health and Wellness Benefits:

Improved Circulation: Massage guns help enhance blood flow, ensuring better nutrient delivery and waste removal from muscle​.

Relaxation of Tight Muscles: They are effective in relaxing tense muscles, thereby reducing discomfort and enhancing flexibilit​y.

Injury Recovery Support: Massage guns promote recovery from injuries by improving blood flow to the affected area.

Relief from Muscle Soreness: They are designed to alleviate muscle soreness after exercise or intensive physical work.

Release of Myofascial Tension: They target tight and tense myofascial tissues, providing relief and enhancing mobility.

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