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Tips to Fight Stress Through Your Day

Let’s face it, life is stressful. We all have so much on our plates and we can’t always tackle it one piece at a time. Have you ever had one of those days it seemed like everything was piling up all at once and there was no way you could handle it? It can be overwhelming for anyone. So let’s look at ways you can fight off stress throughout your day to keep you feeling great!

Start off on the right foot: Getting a handle on your stress starts before your day does. Having a plan for the next day before you go to bed each night, not only helps you to get a great night’s sleep but also helps you know the expectations for the day. Knowing what you need to accomplish and the time it will take, can help you mentally prepare for anything that may come. Rushing around in the morning trying to get yourself out of the door makes for a stressful day. Be prepared so that you can keep the start to your day as calm as possible.

Be clear of what’s really necessary: Many times, the biggest contributing factor to burnout is being overwhelmed; but often what we’re overwhelmed by isn’t really necessary. Work has to be done of course, but if you’re constantly behind and have too much on your plate, it may be time to have a talk with your boss about your workload. They may not realize just how much they’re asking of you. Aside from work, personal lives can be overwhelming too. Between family, friends, keeping up a home, and anything else you have going on, it can all be a bit much. Take the time to figure out what really is important and what’s not, as well as what you can delegate out. Grocery pickup or delivery can be a life-saver. Get the babysitter to stay an extra 30 minutes or an hour so you can have some downtime between work and home to decompress. Every once in a while, hire out some of your housework or yard maintenance. Being clear about what is actually required of you and what can be delegated out, is a great way of finding some balance and taking control of your stress levels.

Stay organized: It would be safe to say that some are naturally organized, and some most definitely are not. Even if you’re in the latter category, organizing your time, tasks, and environment can help eliminate stress and overwhelm. Take some time before you leave work to plan out the tasks you need to complete the next day. De-clutter your desk; try your hardest to keep your desk free of clutter. It’s hard to be productive when you’re surrounded by a mess. Have set times for certain things. Just like you arrive and leave work at the same time each day, have other times for certain tasks too. A time for checking emails, a time for exercise, a time for family, etc. These may not be set in stone every single day, but keeping some general organization to your time will help stop the stress.

Stop multi-tasking: While many swear by their ability to multi-task, it isn’t always the best way to make the most of your time and can leave you feeling stressed. When you multi-task, you’re not putting your full attention on whatever task you’re attempting. This means you may be missing a few details, or just altogether overwhelmed by this mountain you’ve created. If you want to be more productive with your day, write down a list of the items you need to accomplish. Write beside them the amount of time you think it’ll take you to complete them. Start working. Keep an eye on the time and try hard to stick to the time slot you created. It’s okay if you go over your time. Don’t allow that to add to your stress levels, this is just a goal you’re setting. You may find one task takes you longer, but the other moves much more quickly. This will help you manage your time while allowing you to focus entirely on one thing at a time.

As much as we’d probably all like to avoid stress altogether, it’s not possible in our busy lives. But, starting your day off right, having clear expectations, staying organized, and avoiding multi-tasking can all help with the daily stress you face at work and at home. Once you’ve went through your busy day, come to Proactive for your stress relieving massage. You deserve it!


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