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This is a contracted position


At Proactive, Our Staff Is The Heartbeat Of Our Business,



Proactive Massage + Bodywork is seeking a highly motivated and skilled User Generated Content Creator to join our social media team.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey as a UGC creator?


Proactive is searching for brilliant minds like yours to join our social media team and revolutionize the way we connect with our audience.


As a UGC creator, you possess the incredible power to...


transform ordinary moments

into extraordinary experiences!


You capture the essence of life through your lens, pen, or keyboard, turning everyday stories into captivating content that resonates with millions. Your creativity knows no bounds, and you excel in discovering hidden gems, unearthing untold stories, and unveiling the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.

Imagine having the opportunity to shape Proactive's brand narrative, working hand in hand with our marketing visionaries. Picture yourself exploring the realms of authentic storytelling, where you'll have the freedom to express your unique perspective, ignite conversations, and leave an indelible impact on our digital landscape.

With your creative prowess, you'll be instrumental in crafting engaging content that captivates our audience, inspires meaningful interactions, and builds a community of passionate brand advocates. From awe-inspiring photographs that encapsulate Proactive's spirit to captivating videos that ignite curiosity, your creations will breathe life into our social media platforms.

Your fresh perspectives, innate storytelling abilities, and unparalleled passion will propel us to new heights, cementing Proactive as a trailblazer in the digital realm.

Unleash your creative genius and embark on a remarkable adventure as a UGC creator with Proactive.


We offer a vibrant, supportive environment that nurtures your talents, celebrates your achievements, and amplifies your voice. Join us in redefining what it means to inspire, engage, and connect through the power of user-generated content.

Ready to shape the future of digital storytelling? Apply now and let your imagination run wild!

At Proactive Massage + Bodywork, we value our employees and strive to provide a positive work environment with competitive pay.

We invite you to fill out our online application below for an opportunity to join our team!

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UGC Creator


Fill out our online application below with information on your social media history. Feel free to share other accounts you have managed as a reference.

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Proactive Massage + Bodywork is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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