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Natural-dyed 100% cotton denim


Use as a body pillow, soothe tight hamstrings or to wrap around the lower back, abdomen or shoulders.


The Triple Square red denim pillow gets its beautiful red color from macadamia tree bark. It’s soft, durable and totally relaxing! Minimally packaged in twine wrap.

  • All Hot Cherry® pillows are machine washable ––follow instructions carefully–– and they will last for years!
  • Every Hot Cherry® pillow is microwavable and freezable. They can be used hot, cold or room temperature.
  • Hot Cherry® pillows come in six different sizes and three fabrics to choose from.
  • Triple Square pillow measures 28” x 9.5” and holds approximately 4 lbs. of clean dried cherry pits.
  • Hot Cherry® pillows are made with love in the USA.

Hot Cherry Triple Square Pillow in Red Denim


The Hot Cherry® therapeutic cherry pit pillow is the perfect way to soothe and relieve pain by increasing blood circulation to overworked muscles.

Sports Injury

Working out, participating in sports and garden work can be great for the body and soul, but hard on the muscles. So whether your aches and pains are acute or chronic, finding relief is important.

Available in six different sizes, Hot Cherry® Pillows fit comfortably on your back, legs, arms or neck. Let the wonderful moist heat of a Hot Cherry® pillow melt the pain away, wherever it hurts.

The Double Square pillows are great for relaxing aching, tired feet. Wrap them around your ankles for penetrating heat that will go right down to the bone.

Sprains, bruising, swelling, and inflammation is best treated with a cold compress. Keep any sized Hot Cherry® pillow in the freezer (for two hours to ice recent injuries). The chilled red OR blue pillows offer cold relief without the "burn" or wetness of traditional ice packs.

Physical Therapist Recommends Hot Cherry® Pillows

"I found the Hot Cherry® pillow it to be a much safer form of heat than heating pads for extended use - especially overnight. I have had patients who have fallen asleep on a heating pad and suffered burns when they awoke, but the Hot Cherry® pillow prevents such injury by slowly cooling down.After heating one for four minutes and wrapping it in terry cloth, the pillow was still comfortably warm after 5 hours! I can definitely recommend this natural heat source to my patients that benefit from heat applications." -Edith Naas, PT, PhD

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