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Core by Hyperice is an immersive meditation experience that pairs the Core Trainer with guided meditations, breath training, and soundscapes. Soft vibrations and lights on the Core Trainer guide your breathing and help ground you, while ECG biosensors measure your heart rate and assess your focus and calm levels. Core returns feedback after each meditation to show you how your body responds, and tracks your progress as you grow your practice and build mental strength


The Core Trainer uses lights and vibrations that sync to your meditation sessions to guide you. Core’s ECG sensors track your heart rate and HRV while you hold it, returning biometric feedback and results after each meditation to show you how your body responds. Core tracks your heart rate, calm and focus over time, and shows your progress as you build mental strength.


Take the guess work out of your practice

Biosensors measure & track your stress levels, keeping you motivated to progress on your journey.


Vibrations that guide you

Anchor your breathing and focus with synced vibrations.


App Guided

Companion app available on iOS and Android devices. Access to basic guided meditations, breath training, and soundscapes. No subscription required.


Meditation designed to stick

Made with natural wood and designed to stand out in your home as a reminder to show up for yourself.


Core Premium Bundle

The Premium Bundle includes a Core Meditation Trainer and 12 months of Premium app content ($69.99/year; subscription does not auto-renew) - thousands of guided meditation options, breath training, and soundscapes, updated daily. 

Core Meditation Trainer Premium Bundle (Includes App Subscription)

Only 4 left in stock

In the box, you will find Core, the charging dock and a USB cord. With Core premium, you will receive a premium activation card in the box. Download the Core app on your smartphone, enter your phone number to get started, pair to Core, set reminders (optional) and set goals. Chose a session and simply pick up the Core to get started. These directions are included in the box as well. Say How is Core better than other meditation apps? Do Core includes a tangible tool that is designed as a centering, grounding anchor to your practice. Find fresh content (daily with CORE premium) to keep you engaged and never bored. Biosensors on Core measure and track your stress levels, keeping you motivated to progress on your journ

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